Emily Broughton

« I believe in understanding history to solve today’s challenges »

Emily grew up in the English countryside yet is very much a cosmopolitan Londoner. She studied History at Bristol and emerged half-alive but with a First in hand. _dsc9573Since then, she has focused on mind, body and soul, with lentils, green tea and Ottolenghi-style cooking featuring heavily in her life. She is fascinated by international affairs and has set herself the task of saving the world. Good luck Emily. She sees NMUN as a step in the right direction. The next step would be to work at the Foreign Office or to change capitalism altogether through management consulting. Although she’s never done MUN before, she has debating experience, having been involved in the European Youth Parliament and in the Oxford Union. She believes she’s had a past life in Paris, and can’t wait to go to New York to discover whether she’s had a past life there too. Emily also can’t wait to walk through the Upper East Side Blair Waldorf-style. No NMUN hoodies for her!

Dominik Loidl

« Yes, we can change and seize our future »

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Graz, _dsc9593Dominik is an Austrian student currently at PSIA, where he focuses on Diplomacy and European studies.  Last spring, he worked for the campaign of Irmgard Griss, an independent candidate to the Austrian presidency. Dominik joined the NMUN to be part of a team of people from all around the world. Interest in arbitration, Dominik looks forward to participating to the NMUN conference to foster his knowledge of world politics.

Auriane Piveteau

« My dream is : being one of the architect of the world of tomorrow. »

Auriane is a fighter. _dsc9594Driven by her dream to, one day, become a head diplomat of France, she does not allow for things getting into her way – with one exception: the opportunity to travel. At 21 years, she has already worked for three different embassies. One of them in Brazil, where she discovered her love for the unknown: “Once you have left the place you’re from, you do not only get to know new places and people, but you also start questioning yourself – that has made me grow quite a lot.” With her enthusiasm, ambitions and knowledge of four languages, she is supporting the NMUN team whilst practicing her dream. And the time Auriane doesn’t spend with with us? She is out and about in Paris, taking her sports shoes for a run or training in her athleticism team.

Natalia Rebollo

«  »


Natalia Rebollo is 27 and from Mexico. She is a lawyer and is now studying Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po. She is a Human Rights advocate who really enjoys meeting new people, is fond of running, meditation and loves travelling.