Nils Larsson

« Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions » (Dag Hammarskjöld)

Nils was born close to the city of Malmö in Sweden, but spent the last years living on the British Isles. After having finished his high-school education in Brighton, he completed his undergraduate degree in economics at the UCL with a first. He is currently enrolled in the International Development and Economics dual degree between Sciences Po Paris and the Stockholm School of Economics. During his time at UCL Nils was active in a variety of student associations. Among other things he founded_dsc9627 a student newspaper for which he worked as editor-in-chief and later as chairman. He is currently the english editor of „The Paris Globalist“, a student magazine on international affairs. In addition to his academic career Nils gained professional experience doing internships for a wide array of think tanks, enterprises and foundations. Having worked in Ghana and Kenya he has hands-on expertise on the African continent. When Nils is not studying, working or traveling he likes to read or listen to music. Participating in the NMUN project is more of a hobby than just another course for him, as international politics is one of his major interests. Although he identifies himself with an elephant his delicate humour and sophisticated taste are obvious to everybody who meets him.

Nadia O’Shaughnessy

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Paul Marquardt

« Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. » (N. Bonaparte)

Paul, born in Germany, is currently enrolled in the Master in International Security at Sciences Po. With a large interest in international affairs, Paul has acquired extensive training in the field working for both the German Foreign Office in Berlin and as a Project Assistant for the 2015 Munich Security Conference. In particular, Paul has previously attended the NMUN New York conference, representing his undergraduate Ludwig-Maximilians-University.15045251_10211334234573891_1528120856_o That time, his team won the ‘Outstanding Delegation’ award, and we hope for similar success this year. Paul has got significant experience working and studying abroad. During his Political Science Bachelor’s degree, he spent one year as a visiting undergraduate student at the University of Exeter. Furthermore, in summer 2014, he worked as an intern at the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Morocco, producing research on the stability of political systems in the MENA region. He also spent time in Israel at The Rutenberg Institute for Youth Education in 2010, where he helped organizing seminars for international volunteers in the local area. These experiences together with his fluency in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) make Paul an invaluable team member for our NMUN delegation. In his spare time Paul enjoys exercising, particularly rowing, swimming and sometimes riding. He is also a bookworm and likes to read a wide range of different topics, however, nothing beats his love for history.

Kajza Jansson

« To paraphrase Churchill: the UN is the worst thing we have, except for all the other options. I strongly believe in the transformative power of an institution that can get all 193 nations of the world to sit down and at least have a conversation about their problems. It’s the very least we can do. »

May I introduce to you, one of our organizational talents, Kajza Jansson. The 26 year young, grew up in a little town in Sweden, where she started to practice her skills in controlling the uncontrollable by taking part in dressage competitions on the back of a horse. At a young age of fourteen she started to follow her urge to make a contribution to society: She started a district youth council and later ran several local chapters of different organizations in her hometown. After High-school the possibilities seemed endless and the young Kajza decided to challenge herself and moved to the big city of London. _dsc9625Well equipped with valuable life lessons and improved mediation competency gained as bartender, she started her bachelor in Peace and Development Studies at the University of Uppsala (Sweden). During her studies she took her multitasking abilities to another level, holding several positions in organizations as “Uppsala Association of International Affairs”. On top of that she founded the students association of her program and served as project manager for the Swedish Association of International Affairs’ Annual Conference in 2014. Thereby, this smart woman practically created her own future jobs, as she worked full time for her student organization and then later as head of operations for Save the Children Youth, after graduating. In her position as head delegate of our NMUN team we take advantage of the time she spent as an intern in the Swedish mission to the UN in New York. As team member of the logistic section she takes the reins to navigate us safely and successful towards the NMUN Meeting in New York 2017.