Com’ Team

Tessa Clara Walhderr

« Whatever the future may hold, the United Nations will continue to be the most successful and relentless example of voluntary international cooperation in world history. »

_dsc9672At only 25 years old, Tessa, who is originally from Germany, has already lived into 5 different countries (Germany, USA, UK, Spain, France) and travelled around the world. After having done an International Relations Bachelor at the University of Sussex (UK), she’s currently studying a double degree in Journalism and International Security at Sciences Po Paris. Independent, dynamic and enthusiastic,  highly motivated  and being endowed with strong leadership and human skills, Tessa is willing to become a policy maker in order to enable effectives changes happening on international or European issues.


Meike Coldewe

« Diversity: the art of thinking independently together »  (Malcolm Forbes)

Meet Meike Coldewe, a 27 years old German powerhouse. She’s done so much cool stuff in her life before coming to Sciences Po to study her Master in Public Management! _dsc9610She has a Bachelor in African Studies, Ethnology and European Cultural Studies, has worked in adult education at both an NGO, working with immigrants, and at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz in Germany where she was coordinating European projects on adult education in prisons. I mean, how cool is it that she’s done counseling on change processes in prisons?! She also has serious skills in diversity and gender equality, including designing curriculums for intercultural trainings. And that’s not even all – she’s also a hidden musical talent who loves to sing and dance, and she plays both drums and the piano. Some more personal stuff is that she grew up outside of Frankfurt on a farm on the country-side, surrounded by sheep, chickens, geese and ducks. She even had her own horse when she was little. In our NMUN team, she works on communication and is a great resource to the work we do!


Côme Girschig

« The UN is a wonderful but complex machine. NMUN is an ingenuous way to leave aside the instructions manual and go straight into its essence. »

Côme is an International Affairs student at Sciences Po. _dsc9600Before entering the 27th, he studied engineering and economics. Even before that, he used to live in north France, in a peaceful and charming village called Pittefaux he would recommend everyone to visit ! Côme loves physics and mathematics : he already publicized an article on copulas, no one really understood what was that about, but it seems great ! His appeal for environmental issues progressively lead him into studying geopolitics, economics and diplomacy. In his spare time he always plays the piano (some said that he definitely fell in love with Liszt’s music), cooks macaroons threatening Ladurée’s monopoly, reads Héraclite and becomes mad if he cannot find time and space enough to run. 


Antoine Guillemin-Puteaux

« The NMUN is a great opportunity to slip into diplomats’ shoes so as to broaden our own vision of world affairs »

Antoine is a student within many in the Master of International Security, yet he definitely is one of a kind. Antoine has the ability to add depth to any debate _dsc9642and consequently enhances everybody’s critical thinking with his resourceful remarks. Those remarks not only stem from Antoine’s prior education in Paris and St Andrews, but also from his profound interest in philosophy, history and the arts. Yet, every time Antoine once again impresses all of the people he surrounds, he does so in the most modest way while simultaneously integrating everybody in the discussion. We are a better team thanks to Antoine and are certain that he will not shy away from stunning every future policy maker in New York this coming April.


Niki Luksch

« We are not developed nations. We are not developing nations. We are the United Nations »

_dsc9605Niklas is currently a postgraduate student in European and Asian Affairs at Sciences Po, Paris and Fudan University, Shanghai. Most recently, he interned with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Malta. A convinced internationalist with German background, he completed his undergraduate studies in Scotland and the United States and gained some first work experience in places as diverse as the Palestinian Territories, Cambodia and Malta. Connecting with people, sharing stories and building networks of informed, outward-looking citizens is Niklas’ priority. Niklas is a lover of good company, electro vibes and curious explorer of international foodstuffs.