About Us

We are a diverse and ambitious team of 19 young people who urge to sharpen their skills and knowledge in order to make the world a better place. And when we say “diverse”, we’re not exaggerating: We build a united team of 10 nationalities – American, Austrian, British, Finnish, French, German, Mexican, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. In addition to the languages spoken in our countries of origin, we are also able to communicate in Swahili, Hebrew and Arabic. Together we bring around 400 years of life experience to the negotiation table. Our knowledge consists of a fusion of various fields of study covering Economics, Political Science, Social Science, Journalism, Cultural Science, Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, African Studies, International Relations, History, Public Management and the list could go on.

Our combined work experience would probably qualify us for retirement, but we are just getting started as we acknowledge that there is a lot left to learn. In preparing and finally taking part in a week-long professional negotiation simulation of the United Nations, we are hoping to develop our professional and personal skills. We are looking forward to continue Sciences Po’s legacy of excellence in April 2017 in New York and are confident that this experience will gives us knowledge, skills to address and cope with future pressing global challenges.